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What is Conscious Cannabis?

Conscious Cannabis is an innovative initiative from UFCW Canada – the union for cannabis workers. We are workers empowering other workers in the cannabis industry to achieve better wages and benefits and a safe, just, and healthy workplace for all.

Conscious Cannabis is about empowering workers in the emerging cannabis industry to take charge of their important role as producers, distributors, salespeople, and manufacturers in one of Canada’s most profitable industries. Government and business have been mostly silent when it comes to issues that cannabis workers face in this emerging industry. So Conscious Cannabis has launched a platform to put workers’ concerns at the forefront of these discussions – in other words, putting cannabis workers first.

For too long the focus of this industry has surrounded valuations, profits, regulation, and impairment. Now that the industry is legal, concerns surrounding the well-being, safety, and security of staff need to be central as well. So too should questions about compensation, having a voice at work, and fairly sharing not only the profits of the new industry, but also decision-making power.

With production facilities expanding across the country, workers’ health and safety must be protected. Looking at jurisdictions that have established meaningful health and safety compliance for industry can help shape the conversation around good standards. Ask yourself: is your company doing everything it can to keep people safe? Our guide to common occupational hazards in the cannabis industry (PDF) can help answer that question.

Whether you work in the legalized cannabis industry, or are considering it in your future, we encourage you to visit Conscious Cannabis for news and information about the dynamic and expanding world of Canadian cannabis production, distribution, and retail sales.

The purpose of this site is two-fold: 1) to provide valuable news and insights to Canadians seeking information about Canada’s emerging cannabis industry; and 2) to help cannabis workers learn about how they can achieve better wages and benefits and secure a safe, just, and healthy workplace for all.

Accordingly, on this site you will find answers to questions regarding the legal use of cannabis, the laws governing the production, possession, and sale of cannabis products, and the rationale behind the legalization of cannabis in Canada.

Users can also access research and insights on Canada’s growing cannabis industry, including the top licensed producers across the country and how much Canadians spend on cannabis.

In addition, you will find facts about cannabis and the workplace, working in the cannabis industry in Canada, and other topics pertaining to cannabis and the world of work.

As well, Conscious Cannabis features a host of information on cannabis and its effects on workplace health and safety, how you can protect yourself at work, and common occupational hazards in cannabis production and distribution.

Finally, if you work in the cannabis industry, you can use this site to learn about the benefits of joining the union for cannabis workers – UFCW Canada. With UFCW in your corner, you and your colleagues can improve your working conditions and build a better life by gaining higher wages and overtime pay, more paid vacations and sick days, a pension plan and benefits, and other major benefits.